Re: Submission of Various Forms with the Institute

In the recent past, it has been noticed by the Institute that some of the students submit their registration/examination application forms along with requisite fee with private agencies for onward transmission to the Institute and the forms so submitted either did not reach the Institute in time or they did not reach at all causing avoidable hardships to such students.

Through this announcement, students at large are informed that third party/private agencies are not at all authorized by the Institute to collect such forms – be it registration or examination application forms from the students and then forward them – either on standalone basis or in bulk (i.e. many forms in one packet) to the Institute. With a view to avoid hardships and difficulties, students in their own interest are hereby advised that they should deposit/send such forms directly to the Institute either in person or through speed/registered post.

Students not forwarding the form in accordance with the specified manner would be doing the same at their own risk and cost and the Institute would not be responsible for the consequences of such acts.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India