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Profession of Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy is a challenging profession that offers practice or job opportunities in the areas of accounting, auditing, corporate finance, project evaluation, company and other business laws, taxation and corporate governance. The multi-faceted knowledge a chartered accountant enjoys through unique academic programme blended with practical training is what the business and industry need in the advent of liberalisation, privatization and globalisation of Indian economy. Chartered Accountants are better equipped to discharge accounting and audit functions in a computerized business environment.

About the Institute

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a premier professional accountancy body of the country, established in July, 1949 under the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, enacted by the Parliament to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountancy in India.

The Institute is governed by a Council in accordance with provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 as amended by the Chartered Accountants (Amendment) Act, 2006 (No.9 of 2006) and the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988. The Council consists of 40 members of whom 32 are elected from among the members of the Institute and 8 are nominated by the Government of India.

The Institute has its headquarters at New Delhi. In addition, it has five Regional Councils located in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur and New Delhi and 117 Branches spread all over the country. The Institute has also 20 Chapters outside India located in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Botswana, Doha, Dubai, Indonesia, Jeddah, Kuwait, London, Melbourne, Muscat, Nairobi, New York, Nigeria, Port Moresby, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sydney, Toronto and Zambia.

The Institute is actively engaged in imparting education and training to the students and conducts examinations for them and grants membership to successful candidates and certificates of practice to members intending to practice the profession.

Board of Studies of the Institute imparts theoretical education to students of the chartered accountancy course as well as to the students who prepare for entry level test called Common Proficiency Test.

Requirements for becoming a Chartered Accountant

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