Chairman’s Message

“If everyone is moving forward, then success takes care of itself”– Henry Ford 

Both personally and professionally, no one accomplishes anything of substance alone. Even our individual successes are a product of the family, friends, and teachers that invested in and believed in us. And so when others reach out in times of need it’s important to remember that it’s our responsibility to reach out a helping hand however we can, and whenever we can.

It’s not often an opportunity comes along for a professional person, such as myself, to
lead Beawar branch of ICAI. Now, after just a couple of days of assuming this
responsibility, what I’ve seen and experienced so far has impressed me and excited
about the future of our Noble Profession.

I was fortunate enough to worked with Dynamic Past Chairmen CA. M.C. Bhandari, CA
K.C. Doshi, CA B.M. Vyas, CA Sanjay Mehta, CA Arvind Jain, CA R.K. Ostwal, CA
Akhilesh Mundra, CA Manish Mehta in different capacity and learn a lot from their
working style which will be a memorable experience for me in coming year and will help
me in discharging the pious duty assigned to me.

I would like to welcome the newly elected President CA. Atul Kumar Gupta and the Vice
President CA. Nihar Niranjan Jambusaria. Both are very talented person and would definitely guide our Nobel profession to new heights.

I would like to thank to the past chairmen of Beawar branch for notable
accomplishments in past years. The dream project of Branch building has already been
completed and ICAI building is one of the most beautiful building of the Beawar city.
Beawar Branch was awarded as Highly Commendable Branch for the year 2013 jointly
with Ujjain Branch.

I, along with my team of office bearers, look forward to taking the branch ahead and to
the highest level of professionalism. I always believe that action speak louder than
words and we at Beawar branch of ICAI are committed to put our best to serve the
profession to the best of our knowledge and abilities to exceed the expectations of

With Best Wishes
Beawar Branch of CIRC